Choose in a list and then do an action

I am a real beginner in MIT app. In my app, I created a button which choose an item in a list and write it on screen. If the user agree the choice, he click to valid the choice and this must send a letter to the arduino by bluetooth.
I succeed to do the choice in a list and to write it on screen but when I click the button "Valider le hasard" nothing is send. Where is my mistake?
Here are my blocks, if you can help me.
Many thanks.

Hi @Alexis,

The problem is in your construction of the chain of if blocks. You are doing:

which makes use of the block:

component_component_block (1)

This block actually represents the component object called ResultaHasard. It doesn't represent the value of said component. Likely what you meant to do was use this block:

component_set_get (2)

which will get the text associated with the component.

Many thanks ewpatton. I'il try it today.