"Choose an Action" Pop-up

Hi. I'm now Develop First my self-made App in my life.

But I face super big problem(maybe you are not I conviced)...

If i touch or click in Chrome browser or "Nxxxx" App(this is my Target to take similiar functions), precisely pop-up "Choose an Action" with File Folder, camera, etc

But in my app, this is not functional. nothing happen. I tried Improving a lot of cases with in the internet's advice(ActivityStarter, Web,,,,)

So, I wanna help yours !!! plz... help me!!

Unfortunately I do not understand what you are trying to tell us. . Please elaborate... see also


Hello P J

The Android Web Viewer that App Inventor has is not a 'full' Browser, so there are a few things it can't do. However, you can try the Custom Web View Extension, which is more advanced:

Super Nice.
since I Registered this Questions , I'm trying to solve this problem with CustomWebView.aix
Well, It remained non-solved a few of things haha

If everything works in a full browser, you can launch it via ActivityStarter: