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Chocolateo is a tool where you ask it a question or search info about something and returns the appropriate or the similar result related to the input.
Web scraping concept is used to return the results. The results are based on Google search results, Wikipedia and external sources on the web.

Here are some screenshots attached:

You can download the app with the below link:

If you find issue in the app or it is not able to show the results, then let me know! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley:


hey have you used any paid api if not can you please send the aia


and by the way the app is working properly and is very helpful was searching for this kind of app since long time

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The app does a get request and other stuff.

The infrastructure is built on Python. I'm using my own API and other stuff...<question>

Do a get request here with the text, it will return the response or related things...
Well, the server is down as per heroku (service) limits so the app might not work till tommorow.

You could check out the python project file here:

so this is your own api

if possible can you share the image of the blocks or aia as i am not too good in these tech things i mean python and all that stuff

any limit for api

Yes, there is a limit to free api (Heroku's limit), it can run 25 days of the month max...

ok thank you very much for the blocks

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hey your api is working properly , can you make some api with unlimited request for free

No don't worry, I've transferred the API into another account that will be able to run the API most of the time in the month. Alternatively, you can use this API:<text_here>

This is my other API :grin:. This can run for few months non-stop.
You'll have to parse the JSON here.

Note: API Not for commercial use

hey i am making a voice assistant app , in that can i use your api

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Sure you can use my API. But I cannot always look into that to check if the api is working...

@Sashibhusan_Sahoo as ChrisWard replied.
You should check out the new source above mentioned, this API is dosen't get updated all time. There are some things which the api cannot find. So insted use the new source deploy it to Heroku with changes. The new thing is far more better.

@KUMARASWAMY_B.G hey can you teach me how to make this API as i am making a voice assistant app and I would be needing it

You'll need a or account.

I've made my web-api-repo public, you need to fork it and you should deploy it to vercel.

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are they both free

i didnt understood a single word can you please explain in detail