Checking if a alarm is set in the default alarm app?

I am relatively new to the MIT APP Inventor and and want to know if you think this wopuld be possible (and if the inventor is the right tool for the job) before i spend way to much time on the rest of my app and then finding out that there is no way to do this.
My App will communicate with a Arduino that is supposed to do a action when the alarm on my phone goes off. I preferably want to use the default alarm app on my Android phone. So do you think there is a way to check whether a alarm is set (and at what time)? My Phone is running Android 11 and i will not publish the App so it would only need to work on my phone.

Thank you very much in advance

To show the alarms, see this snippet

taken from App Inventor Extensions: Alarm | Pura Vida Apps


Thank you very much for your reply,
this works well, but i need an app that for example if i press a button, checks if an alarm is set an then gives me the time the alarm is set to (in a text box for example)

unfortunately it looks like this is not possible, see what can be done here AlarmClock  |  Android Developers


Okay thank you anyway