Checking for Whatsapp-Message?


Is there a way to check if Whatsapp has received a Message ?
I found the Extension for Whatsapp but there is no function for that.

I think you need an extension for that.

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If you didn't find any, then probably you need to make your own extension just my guess :slight_smile:

You could find it out indirectly using the notification listener extension


Very nice Extension, Taifun.
But not usable for Whatsapp.

Why do you think so?
You could filter for the package name of WhatsApp and get all WhatsApp notifications...


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Thanks. But I have achieved that now easily with Tasker.

mark this as solution do not help us a lot .

Please share your method/code in details. Thanks.

It's not AppInventor-related anymore. I changed to Tasker.

Unrelated to App Inventor anymore