Checkboxes - change Values and add to sheet

Hi ya !

for my own "pleasure" @work i'm trying to do a little app , which saves Data to a Google sheet
(Car's getting in / Out)

I use 2 checkboxes - 1 for in , 1 for out .
Results are , as they should , TRUE or FALSE.
Is there a way to convert the TRUE to a Letter like "X" BEFORE sendig to the sheet ?


Of course. If checked then variable = X . Send the variable value to Google sheet

Shall i use these blocks ?


This approach might be easier....


Thank you very much for the suggestion , unfortunately the Result in Sheets now is TRUEX :frowning:

Show your relevant blocks

Here we are


Dunno why it works know

Cheers Mate

Probably needed to refresh something...pleased to hear you got it working.

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