Checkboxes, Buttons, Switches layout issues

The images say it all: iOS_checkboxButtonSwitch.aia (2.4 KB)

iPad Pro (12.9, 4th generation - iOS 14.4.1)

iPhone 6s (iOS 14.4.1)

Never mind the layout issues Anke - the colour scheme! :grin:

What do you mean by that?

..... it's a joke Anke :innocent:

Thanks for the report @Anke. I've added it to our pool of layout things to address.

Another layout example

How it looks on my Pixel 4a, android 11

How it looks on my iPad Air, iOS 12.5.1

How it looks on my iPhone 5SE, iOS 14.4.1

ColorCodi.aia (28.3 KB)

This is how the build version looks on my iPad Air.

Thanks @Peter. I've updated the tracking ticket with your examples as well.

I have noticed problems when the controls that are placed do not have a fixed size (or indicated in percentage).

Thus, in an application in which he placed the height of the buttons / controls with automatic, they caused that while on Android they looked perfectly, with an iPhone 5s they could be elongated.

Even more serious was that if the buttons were included in a scroolable vertical control, it did not work. Thus, in an application in which I had a scroolable panel with buttons to select colors, until I specified the height of the buttons, said panel did not work.


That would be the same in Android Luis. You have to carefully judge how your GUI will build - don't forget, there is no such thing as a standard phone size or screen resolution.