Checkboxes are checked when app is minimized and then reactivated

I've written an app and have a problem concerning this app.

When I minimize the app and then reopen (reactivate) the app, the following checkboxes are checked (this is unwanted):

When using the app it is wanted, that if the checkboxes are checked by me and if I then click on the einlesebutton the situation (checked or not) should be stored. And this situation (the previous checked checkboxes) should be checked when the app is opened (minimized, reopened).

When using the app the situation that all 4 checkboxes are checked is wanted and a normal situation, that can occur between other situations.

I've got the situation that I didn't checked a checkbox and when I open the app all 4 checkboxes are checked.

Please be so kind and give me a hint what I'm making wrong or what I can improve.

You may not be doing anything wrong, when you reactivate your app the screen initialise event will probably run, and set the checkboxes to default.

You can use a tinydb to save the state of the checkboxes, and call these values in on screen initialise, but you may need to include a test condition or have a reset point somewhere in your code blocks for when you do want them to be all checked!

Hello TIMAI2,
thanks for your excellent answer!
This solved the problem...

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