Checkbox1----x name

I have a lot of wanted boxes on the screen. How do I get the name of any of them?

Put the checkbox components in lists.

Here are some samples in this thread ...

This could also be helpful to know the checkbox checked.

I know I may be repeating myself ....
Sorry ...
But I would need to get that checkbox name ...
E.g. when CheckBox12 is called ... then "CheckBox12" ...
I know I have to have it on the list ... just the command to get the element name ....

This is what is addressed in the post I shared here, showing the name of checked checkbox.

Do you mean to have a block to get the name of checked checkbox.

Sorry ... This post shows the contents of the CheckBox element, not the element name ....
I guess I'm wrong, I'm from old school ... I'm 67 years old ...

Yes, I want to get the checkbox name.

What does the name do for you?

You will have to create a list of the checkboxes and corresponding list of the checkbox names (or combine the two in a list of lists) then when you get the index of the checkbox from the first list, select the name from the other list using that index.

There is/was/should be a PR on github somewhere about providing a block that returns the name of a component, but it is considered low priority....

Element identifier in Components

This is exactly what I needed!


What is the issue ?

If you just want to return the label of the checkbox and not the component name, then do so


Here is the modified code to get the name of selected checkbox

Once I am ready with the list of selection, I did a lookup into the dictionary to know the name of component.

Thank you very much !