Checkbox - Display warning if none is

Hi ya all !

After a little break i got a question (again :wink: )-

I have 2 checkboxes.Before submitting the Text from Checkbox 1 or 2 the app should check , if any of the Options is checked (1 or 2).

If none is checked , a message should be displayed and the answers are not submitted , until one option is checked.

Thank you very much for your suggestions !!


Use the CheckBox. Checked property to check if a checkbox is checked.

In your code, check:

IF Checkbox1.Checked = false AND Checkbox2.Checked = false
THEN display the message

Use a Notifier to show an alert.

Something like this:

Thank you for you Answer(s).......i'm trying to find the AND Logic-Oerator , which is not visible :frowning:

fifth block from the top. It's the same block.

The right click external socket option is used to line up the inputs nicely.

Here's the place , where i need it...........

sorry , just using the German Version , as it is easier for me

sadly , nothing works correctly.

A message will pop up (warning , in/out must be selected) , but it still writes Data into the sheet :frowning: :roll_eyes:

You only show partial blocks, which makes it difficult to advise...

Here's the complete block

Looks like it's not possible , to check that IN or OUT is selected before submitting to the sheet.......

Like so ?


cheers mate,i'll try that