Check Mark code not working

Hi There,
I'm recently creating an app for my company which has to be completed tomorrow, When i was checking the code.

The "Check" button wasnt working.I wanted it to change green when It is checked and if not, Red.
And for specific progress check marks. To change the text.

Please show your relevant blocks / screenshots of app / etc.

here is the picture

What should a checkbox text be if not checked ?

Red color

Try like this for each checkbox


ok, I'll try

You might want to use the Checkbox.Changed event for each checkbox to update the colors...


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I checked, No changes

have you followed Taifun's suggestion ?


show your blocks

wait, I just kept it again, It works.

Thanks Alot!

pls still post your working blocks here, maybe later others can learn from it.

Ok, Here it is,
I actually got to know that we needed to change it to initialize from changed, because it dosent save it.

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If you want to save the state of a checkbox (checked or unchecked), then use TinyDB and read the state of each checkbox in the Screen.Initialize event


Alright, I'll check it.

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