Check if a list contains part text

I've been searching for a way to search a list to see if it contains say (Lock) in such a list like (Nut, Bolt, Locking)
I've tried using contains in all it's form but no luck.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance. Ric

Use for each item in list and test each item for contains

If you have a list of lists, you may need to "for each" the inner list and test

Alternatively use the is in list block" from lists palette

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction. I am using this, but unless it a exact match it returns false.

The Ble_name_list_index is the index number of the list, it cycles through the list and checks one by one.

with the for each, do you mean this block? Not sure how I can get it to work.

Here is an example

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Bingo That worked. Turns out I was not adding the get item. Makes way more sense now that I see it.
Thanks @dora_paz and @TIMAI2

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