Check entered number in range

Hi! My first question.
How can I check if a number is within a range, after the number is inserted ?
E.g. if I define a text box as a number and I introduce 2000 but I must only accept values between 0 and 1000, how can I alert the operator after he/she has introduced the number and pressed ENTER/DONE?
We have for text (numbers) the block “.GotFocus” or “.LostFocus” but we don’t have something like “.AfterEntry” (after the Done/Enter key is pressed), which could be used to check if the data entry is correct.
Now I can only imagine I must define an additional button to click to activate some blocks to check the values of the entered data
Thanks, Michele

you could use the textbox extension and its EnterPressed event for this


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Use the green logical block andbetween the two comparisons, >= 0 and <= 1000

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Thanks Taifun. I’ll try it