🎩 ChatGPT - Knows to code extensions!

Hey inventors, :wave:
I hope you all are aware of what ChatGPT is.
In short, it is a smart AI bot. It replies to each an every input you give.

Today, I tried asking ChatGPT to create an extension for app inventor and... it created it !
I was totally surprised ! It created varieties of working extensions, such as adding listeners to non - clickable components, adding elevation to various view components, many more !

But, when I gave it a input of -

create an extension for app inventor that can create an extension

It gave me this shocking result -

ChatGPT made Impossible   :arrow_right:  Posible !


Possible but difficult.
Last paragraph says a lot about the method itself.
Though it is phenomenal.


How did you get ChatGPT to code extensions? I'm trying and it keeps telling me it isn't able to do so...

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you should write create a code to make an extension for app inventor that can ease object parameter

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Add: Show code, but remember that the code obtained many times does not work.

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ya you're write

Since it is a learning model, you'll have to first teach it about extensions. Specifically, provide sources of few extensions.

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like we should give him some samples?

still refuses to send code, it just provides steps

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honestly days before openai was best for me tho (no hate)

or else people will post false code, and no effort.