ChatGPT alternatives

Hi there, I want to build an app using a language model like ChatGPT. However, constantly fetching an API key is not sustainable. Can you suggest any free alternatives for language model extensions? Thank you.

ask ChatGPT itself about it's alternatives


Do you know the ChatBot component?

Yes but the free API is very limited, I am planning to launch this app to many users, I fear it may not be enough

I doubt you will find an alternative to ChatGpt for free for many people. Today, most things are done for money.

Free? Not an artificial intelligence, but this ELIZA clone mimics one and is made with an early version of App Inventor that replicates the original ELIZA program.

Why any ChatGPT alternative probably
will not be free:

  • requires a server (and servers can be expensive to operate and maintain)

Sorry Chris, there are probably none available yet and won't be in the future.

What do you intend to do with the chat program you build?

In the meanwhile you might be happy with an App Inventor Chat program CloudDB Chat App

Yea just asking, I am trying to do an AI tutor. I will just use the limited chatgpt extension then

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Yes, OpenAI spends about $700,000 a day, just to keep ChatGPT going.

They need to implement it in everyday life as soon as possible, where it will bring profits, e.g. from advertising. The Api alone won't do much, and the free ChatGpt sample also doesn't help with earnings...

There is Google PaLM