ChatBot Quota Exceeded error


As part of our initiative Computing in Schools/UFSC we are preparing a tutorial on the new chatBot and ImageBot using the API key given in the MIT tutorial: ChatGPT App

Yet, most of the time when trying to test the app, the error Quota Exceeded occurs.

As we are from a public university (without funding for openai api keys) and our main target audience are underprivileged students in Brazil (also without conditions to pay for their own api keys), we would like to know, if there are any plans to increase the number of accesses in order to enable the effective access for our students to these new components? Or are there any plans to integrate any kind of free LLM?


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MIT has been asked to respond. In the meanwhile

can be mitigated by doing what is recommended in the following discussion The (404 Usage Over Quota) error of ChatBot Component - #4 by SteveJG

Are your students using the "Reset Conversation" function in their apps to prevent each use of the "Converse" block to add to the conversation (and the token count)?

Perhaps like


Yes we have tried this workaround, but we are still getting the Quota Exceeded error...

Note that ImageBot uses HUGE amounts of tokens. I would have the students avoid that.

If they exceed their quota, they have to wait until the MIT usage algorithm allows them access again. They have LIMITED usage for testing purposes that means they can't use it constantly to ask questions.

Wait and see what MIT posts.

Mmh, maybe that's our problem? We were trying to generate a food recipe with the chatbot and then using the name of the recipe to generate an image with the imageBot. Of course, if there is a more restricted access for image generation, we could limit our course on just teaching the creation of the recipe text.