Chatbot Error on Android Mobile

I'm encountering Error 4200 when attempting to utilize a chatbot on my Android mobile device using the created app. Could someone assist me in resolving this issue? Thank you!

Thank you for your help! Does this mean that the chatbot created in AppInventor doesn't function with a ChatGPT free plan?

Are you talking about the ChatBot component?

This is how I understand the free usage of Chatbot provided by MIT: When using the Chatbot component, MIT provides a certain amount of 'free' usage by paying chatgpt it's fees. The free usage subsidized by MIT is shared by all the Chatbot component users and is limited When the 'free' usage for demonstration purposes is used up for the month, the component will throw an error saying it's allocation is used up. This happens usually during the end of the month as users gobble up the limit set by MIT but can occur sooner in the month if the feature is heavily used.. MIT usually resets the limit at the beginning of the month.

If you use chatbot and see the error, you need to start using your own API Key from OpenAi as described in @NishyanthKumar 's post or use the component for free usage earlier in the month.

See these documents for additional information:

-- Steve

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