Chat app message style

ohh.. ok thanks

I did another example of a chatview using a label and HTMLContent a while back. No proper images, but you could use emoji as per SteveJG's example above:

Firebase Chat & Label HTML Content

Similar layout can be done in AI with dynamic components Extension, just need some time. If possible I will try and post it here.

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Sir, ur code is great but there are only some definite persons and five colours. I have modified to many users but when the user no. 6 is there then its not working. how to make indefinite colours or that 5 colours get repeated everytime

This is just an example:


In the real world you would have a sign up procedure for a user, at which point you can assign a colour of your (their) choice, allow them to upload/link a profile image, set their user name, and add these to the list of users.

how to do with modulo?

Perhaps use something like this instead ?

Web page not available

file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/c7.html could not be loaded because
please help me anybody


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This is for component background colors or a Canvas.

For html, use html color switching codes, which I don't have at my fingertips.

its working

what should i change this chat app so that only chat between two people using firebase? i can put the two users in the same project bucket for getting their chats.

can it worked on Mit appinventor :roll_eyes:

It's FOR App Inventor

Hi can I have an aix file for the chatview extension plsssss I really need it thxxxx


read the topic, you will see links there to any extensions used

I want an extension for a listview that allows me to have more parameters for each element of the listview, such as text alignment direction, spacing between maintext and detailedtext and image, and stuff like shadows and cardview for each element. I don't really know how to use dynamic component or comp creator to create these parameters, can I have some way to achieve them? Thank you so much

You will need to use CompCreator or Dynamic Components or RecyclerView or ListViewPlus extension to add more features