Chasing an error

I have a bug in my program. I keep getting an error message about trying to access location 0 in a list and minimum should be 1. but I cannot find what list or how I am looking for location zero. I am not using TinyDB
Does Appinventor have a method to locate where in my program the error is happening?
Is it possible to trap this kind of error and have the program turn it into a one?


in AI2 the lists start by 1 (instead of 0, like in other languages). That error indicated that you are trying to access with a index=0.

If you share your relevant blocks maybe any user can help you.

When you are testing your app (with Companion or emulator) you can use DoIt feature to debug your app (or use labels to display intermediates values/results).

Here you have other tips relative to debugging:
FAQ Section: Debugging - Frequently Asked Questions - MIT App Inventor Community

Thanks Ramon. I'll look into the Dolt feature.