ChartMakerPlus & Compile Problem

Hey All,
I've used CharmakerPlus extension to make a BarGraph.
Like this

Every is well with AI Companion, Graph is displayed on screen.
But when i build the app (.apk) and install it on the phone. The screen of the graph is blank...
Any idea ? what did i wrong ?
Mny Thks for your help

Only yesterday I compiled a demo app using ChartMakerPlus and installed it on an Android 11 device. This worked OK for me, so I am unsure as to what your problem is.

can you share your aia project for testing ?

Hi Tim, thks but i can't share my aia files, too big, and this screen is divided is 4 virtual screens.
By the way, I compiled the demo aia files of ChartMakerPlus and it's run perfectly on my mobile.
So it seems that it comes from the way i manage this big screen, may be, i have to many thing on the screen

OK, it sounds like there is an issue in your app, and not an issue with the extension...(phew!!...)

You will need to review your procedures and perhaps your permissions to understand what changes between companion mode and compiled app.

Just as a test, try a simple app with just your chart blocks and data, see if that works when compiled....