ChartMaker extension

in the mean time following the row/ column mix up idea I had a try by replacing the ";" by a "," and not doing a split ... but got this error:image

the modified code:

What is in here?:


the row data send by the arduino ...if I look at it using the following code

I got: ["24.00;63.00"]

OK, this is a list with one item: "24.00;63.00"

Now I am guessing that one of the values is temperature and one is humidity, and that you only want to show the temperature, and that this will only place the one value?

yes it is a list with one item:
how to split it so it will be 2 items but in column like this
24.00(in column A) 63.00 (in column B)
and not in row, all in column A (as the text split is doing)

for now I m just trying to Xplot those 2 values (expecting that if I manage to do that I will be able to do it latter with the time in X-ordinate)

This is how you need to present your data to the Chartmaker:

and for several values:

and to chart your two single values:

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ok, I will try, I guess that is also the method to create a list with 2 columns right?

By the way why there is a 1 there

.... or it is rather creating 3 columns with data set temperature and humidity so the one will be replaced by the hour or any counting index, i m right?

Yes :smiley:

.. maybe I did a mistake but I still get the error: it like if it doens t do the split anymore...


here the code I put in (should be similar to yours ... )

If your stringValues is indeed a list:


then you won't need to do all that string manipulation, just attach the get stringValues block to each of the select list item blocks in the chartMaker block


well doesn't work either

run Do It on "is a list thing".....stringValues

yep I tried that is what it give me when I Do it on "is a list thing..."

even when I 'do it' on my original code that is well working (e;g; return the 2 individual temperature/humidity values, each into a label ... ) . below the code that is working without problem:

Please show your new blocks in BluetoothLE1.StringsReceived

Ok ,you made it :slight_smile:
One blue package had jump out during all the tests (in red) :sweat: my apologize .

it's working !

Yay!! Good news :smiley:

Many thx for all your time on it! :+1:
but is that the method to make it in column (2 columns but 1 row) (as my former version with the simple split wascreating 2rows into 1 column?)



makes a list, in csv terms of 3 columns and one row.


If we added another set of data:


you would then get, in csv terms


(the "\n" wouldn't show in a csv file)


ok, I will try to use this then!
thx a lot!