CHART X value letter

Hello. Im from Hungary. Im Thom.
I want make chart
X value A B C D E

X value is work if X value is number, but it is not work if it is letter or text "monday, tuesday, wednesday....."

Help me pls :slight_smile:

Did you try the new Charts component?


charts_demo.aia (2.0 KB)
(Updated - it actually works. - ABG)


WOW lot of thanks!!!!!!

Its work! )

And how can i make 2 or 3 line in 1 chart?
Example 1st value is black 2nd value is blue.

How can i recolored black line to red line?

Add more values....

I try add more value

1st qouestion:
Show me please how can i do 2 or 3 lines in one graphicon?

2nd question
And if i want colors line how can i coloring?

Using @ABG 's example as a base...

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Whaoooooo amazing!

Thanks a lot! And sorry my lot of question.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

......and my last question

How can i add value for colors

example: red= Cars
green = trains


Suggest you have a good look at the documentation to find out yourself how the chart component can work for you.

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VERY LOT OF THANKS YOUR ALL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

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