Chart Maker extension not visible

I am having some problems using the chart maker extension. Please help me regarding it. I cannot see the chart on the mobile screen. Given below is the code. When I am clicking the button nothing is coming.

Thank You

This is not a MIT extension. You need to check with the author. Or at least give a link of the extension, there should be a document for how to use.

[link removed, direct link not allowed]

I used this link.

See this answer and whole topic.

The blocks construction looks OK.

  1. Are you connected to the internet ?
  2. Is your webviewer visible ?
  1. Yes(Even the same internet to which my mobile is connected )
  2. Yes
    Still it is not coming

Remove the apostrophe in your chart title (body's >>> bodys) or escape it (body's >>> body\'s)

then it will work :slight_smile:


Thank you it worked

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