Chart component

Stress testing the new Chart component that was just released in nb190.

Clock is set at 100 milliseconds.

you can drag and drop the blocks in your block editor to test.

  • line works
  • scatter crashes the companion and APK.
  • area works
  • bar works
  • pie works

Anybody has the same issue with the scatter type chart?


I have this block in the Chart component.

But you can only set the Chart Type in the designer, so this block is not necessary. It can only confuse users.

Confirmed on the scatter chart crash after maybe a dozen points added, one per second.
chart_scatter_random.aia (4.1 KB)

Also, I had to side load (drag and drop from a downloaded .apk) the 2.65u Companion .apk into the new MIT emulator. The 2.64 Companion did not notice the new version and did not try to update itself.

Expect a screenful of Java error messages for any one running new components (Sheets, Charts) in the 2.64 Companion.

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the question is: why is it not possible to set the type in the blocks?
or: the Type property is missing in the blocks...



Thats true. Even the documentation says it can only be done from the designer.

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