Character color problem in different device

Good evening, here I'm again...I've send my APP to a friend for testing purpose...I don't know why she view different character color then me.
I've looked in "project tab" and the char color is setted regulary.
Here the example....


Here the "IsertData" page project screenshot

Where is the problem? Ty a lot :slight_smile:

Different devices might have different defaults, I imagine.
But if you want black text for all, ask for black.

Ty ...I've noticed that many colors are inverted...the BACK button for example is a button with an image applied GREY with WHITE char...but in his cell in GREY with BLACK char is possible? Is a PNG file!

I know in fact I set the font color for this reason...

My mobile has ANDROID 7 and his ANDROID 10.

Look in Screen1 for the Theme attribute.
That might be subject to interpretation differences among versions and manufacturers.

Don't some phones have settings to help you read the screen in the dark at nighttime?
That's what this sounds like.


My screen1 settings

I've thought about that ...but may I found a workaround?

Hi Cla_Bello

I think we need to see your Project file (.aia)

you were friend used "night mode", in normal mode all the colors are right ! :rofl::rofl: ...ty

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