Changing text or bg color of a button when clicked

Hey guys I've been having a hard time getting my buttons to change color or the text on the button when it is clicked. I have it so that when the button (which is to add a player) clicked you are taken to the second screen where you choose your position. Once the position is picked you are automatically returned to the original screen.

I've been trying to create a way to make it easier to tell which players have already been added by changing some aspect of the players button.

I've been able to change the button's color when clicked if it stays on that screen without redirecting you to another, but I can't figure out how to allow both the change in screen and color of the button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Switching Screens forgets everything in the Screen.

The only place that retains any data across Screens is TinyDB.

Either figure out how to save and reload what you want to keep in TinyDB,
or stay in Screen1 and use stacked Vertical Arrangements only one .Visible at a time, instead of Screens.