Changing a VerticalArrangement to (VerticalScrollArrangement)

I changed a VerticalArrangement to (VerticalScrollArrangement) and pressing the home button gives me this error.
What else do I need to change to make the VerticalScrollArrangement work properly by clicking its respective button?

these two change to 'set verticalScrollArrangement....'
And make sure all arrangement in vaTabs are same type vsa.

This is what I've been looking for for the past few minutes, but I can't find where I can find these to change.
I feel stupid...

Is there a way to copy, bulk transfer all the content of VerticalArrangement to another verticalScrollArrangement ?

press ctrl + mouse click to select multi components,
ctrl+c to copy,
ctrl+v to paste.
and delete the origin verticalarrangement

This is what I am trying to do but where do I find the green verticalScrollArrangement to place?

where do you get the green verticalArrangement block?

Unfortunately I can't remember

I typed and found this, but socket: to.
how do i create it?
Sorry I found it. Really I feel stupid...sometimes :smile:

What changes should I make, so that clicking on Quit, starts the game from the beginning with the numbers not in the same positions but in new positions?

I think we have already been there....