Changes in APK?

Hi Chris.

nb187c is the current version of App Inventor? Was it released in the previous month?

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It was built on September 3rd. You can find that in the Help/About Menu of the IDE.
'c' is the third bug fix patch thus far.

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That explains it. The APK that had working was built in the middle of August.


I'm using this extensions. Do you know if any of them was affected by the upgrade?

Everything is affected by the upgrade because Google have introduced new (tough) security measures in Android 11.

App Inventor's own File Blocks can now save to the ASD. Much depends on what you are using Taifun's File Extension for, but you will have to contact the developers of all the extensions you use to find out if they are Android 11 compatible. If you start with Taifun's library of extensions, you may find out the compatibility via each link.

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I can only say it for my extensions, and they also work after the update. The TaifunFile extension should also work, but since the targetSdk = 30 update (nb187...) it is no longer possible to save in external storage (outside of the ASD or shared storage), see also here.

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Thank you very much for all your explanations. The other strange behavior that I've noticed is the fact that the application crashed as soon as I try to search for value in the List View.


Hi Rui

Could you create a mini-project that only uses a List View and your search code to reproduce the crash?


That's a good idea Chris, I will do that. Thanks!

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I can confirm that the List View has a problem with the search feature.

I've rebuilt the old version of the application that was working fine when compiled in August, and now it crashed every time I try do search the List View.

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Correct. There is a fix in the test server you can try your app there and see if the issue is resolved.

I have create one application in june & the application was working fine but yesterday i have made some changes on Application so now List view Search option is not working When we try to type any thing in Search option so application were crash, Do any one have the solution for it please help me in it.

Hello IEC SC

There isn't a work-around unless you want to build your own ListView (HTML Table) or use an extension. MIT are working on the ListView bugs and so hopefully we will see a new update soon.

Actually List is connect with google sheet & on that we are unable to search any thing

Hi experts.

Any news about the ListView search problems?

You can check back here for latest release information

There is a working fix if you use the ai2-test server

Sorry for my ignorance, but how can I access the ai2-test server?

Go to

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Thanks dora_paz.

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I've accessed the test server, recompiled the application and now the search feature of ListView alreay works.

But there the lines between the list items have vanished.