Change your account email address

Good morning,
I would like to change the email address of my account because it will no longer be usable. How can I do ? Because when you connect you log in with a Google account.
Thanks in advance.

If you can still access your old account on AI2, then you can do this yourself:

  1. Export all your projects as aia files to your computer
  2. Create your new account on AI2 with your new account address
  3. Upload your aia projects to your new account.
  4. Finally, to tidy up, login to your old account and delete everything.

OK, but I can't import all my files at once? I have to bring them one by one!

Go to My Projects, select @ 15 projects then select Export, you will get a zip file. Repeat until you have them all. I find I can only delete @ 15 projects from trash at a time, without AI2 failing on me.


(You will need to extract your aia projects from the zip files before uploading them to your new account.)

When importing, it is one by one, may be a good opportunity to decide which ones you really need :wink:

If using Firefox, you can drag and drop aia files from your computer to the My Projects list.

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Ok thank you :wink:

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