Change the Order of the Screen

How can I change the order of Screen because I have realize that I have to make Splash Screen when I done with all coding for my app on Screen1?

Please anybody respond for this.

Read below to see how you can do it but since you want to make a Splash Screen you can do it easily with Virtual Screens using arrangements and changing visibility. Put your content for the 'Splash screen' in a Vertical or Horizontal Layout that you show or hide ... as described in Building Apps with Many Screens

if I forget to make the first screen to be the splash screen. i do this

On Screen1:


On Screen2:

blocks (1)

Any another way, it is too difficult.

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Start your project again. Good planning will ensure you have all your screens in the correct order.
You can copy all your blocks to the backpack, but you will need to add back all your components.

Use a Virtual Screen as proposed. Create a VA1 arrangement in Screen1 to be your splash screen and add all other to a VA2 which will be hidden. Use clock component and when screen initialize show VA1 for a few seconds and when click timer hide VA1 and show VA2

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Thanks for your help

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try my way

I know that way

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than :confused: :confused:

Hello Sarthak

See my website for a free code snippet:

How can I make it another screen than Screen1 and then show SplashScreen first?

Please make an app which saves canvas image and then show it in the gallery. And then send .aia file of that app. Please help in this. Its a request.

1.- Add Screen... (example Screen3)
2.- In Screen1. Designer, mark Screen1
3.- Keyboard, press Ctrl C

4.- Goto Screen3 (example)

5.- Keyboard, press Ctrl V
6.- In Screen3, Blocks, fix variables:

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I can't understand this. Please give me .aia file to understand it correctly.

Could You Give me the AIA File I Will Try To Edit That using ZIP Or use the method given by @Juan_Antonio it is Easier To follow

Or Else I don't if This Is the good Way Still It works

  1. Download the Aia File
  2. Open it in Any Other distro of appinventor ex Kodular
  3. Add the aia file in that distro
  4. In kodular there is copy Screen Option Copy It paste it
  5. Download it Re import it into Appinventor by renaming it

Check this

Please anybody help in this.

Please be patient and stop spamming.