Change the color

Hey there,
I wanted to change the greenish color (sorry i don't know the name of that color :sweat_smile:) which is below the toolbar. I am unable to find it in ya.css

I wanted to change this color

What is the class or id of that in css

These come from here:

I don't know about color.

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Thanks. Maybe I will get the class or id of that by these codes :grin:

Still i dont got its css

I think , you should change this line:

It will change all the pallets header background colour.
More precisely, the box header which are coded in java takes the css style as an input to style it.Hence changing the css, simply change all of them .see also here:


Thank you very much buddy

I tried it but it not worked. Maybe it is because ai2 is made with gwt. Thank you once again


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