Change the color of a single portion of a text label

Hi everyone,
i have a csv file with about 100 fields.
I read the file and put everything in a list. Now I transfer all the data of the list in a text label to view it on the display.

All right. But now I need to individually change the color of these fields based on internal conditions. With the label properties I can change the color of the whole text label and not of single portions of the text. Is there a way to do this (even without using labels)?
I was hoping to be able to dynamically create single labels for each field in the list instead of creating just one (t1), but this is not possible.
Thanks so much.

This is quoted from

New formatting possibilities with the Label

Labels can now contain a limited subset of HTML as well as text. Check the HTMLFormat designer property to enable this feature..

Thank you for @Taifun

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The complete code can be found here :

Or this one :

Salman_Dev, thanks for the reply, I'll go read immediately.

You're welcome :+1: :smiley: :+1: