Change text on label (on Kodular)

Hi everyone, I would like to create an app that must change the name of a label based on some selections, let me explain: home screen two keys, which have a label underneath, which open a popup, in this popup I can insert a text that changes the text of the label under the selected button. My difficulty is to make sure that the popup, there is only up popup for all the keys, goes to write the text in the table of the selected key.

I know every single word you wrote, but I totally don't understand what you mean.

LIke this ?

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thank you very much for helping
very well, you could do with customizing the notifier using "create custom dialog".

This must be an extension ?

Please show your blocks for this, and output, to help others


in the example you gave me the notifier "show text dialog" is used, I would like to use this custom notifier

Is that one you have built yourself from components ?

Just apply the same logic

I'll try, I'll keep you informed, thanks

Wait... This looks like something to be asked in the Kodular community... :thinking:.

What makes you say that, the designer phone image ?

The photo is taken from Kodular with a Google Pixel 5 as its frame. This should be asked in Kodular community.

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Yes, and the default button colors.

I have designed a similar app like this before, so I can understand.