Change some text color in a label

Hello Everyone

I have a problem in coloring few segments from a big text [letters with brackets and () ]

that has some words and brackets and numbers in between I want to color in red or green or whatever color for example

**hello** *(1)* my name is ammar *(2)* **hello** again *(3)*

in above i need only the between brackets and numbers in a color , and the hello word each time it's in text in a different color , how can i do this please which procedures i should use [ i already use file component to read the huge text which is at max 10,000 letters and around 5000 word ]

thank you for reading and helping.

  1. Ensure you set your label to HMTLFormat in the Designer
  2. The basic format for adding colour to a label:
<font color=red>myText</font>

Read more about it here:

The rest of what you want to do will be about text manipulation and lists

Also see @Patryk_F 's LabelPlus extension for additional features

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