Change screen not working

hi this is my blocks:
the problem is when i run the app i can see the mainmenu screen but after 0.5 seconds it disappear
I don't know where is the problem
I gave that blocks because I want to start the app from mainmenu screen
what I'm doing wrong?

We would need to see the code of 'mainMenu'.

in 'screen initialize' there is nothing

Is there no other code? It is bad practice to leave open Blocks like that.

there were actually blocks in initialize but i removed it from there and gave it in free space in workspace
and there are some procedures and clouddb's but there arent any request because the screen1 don't request anything and mainmenu also because 'initialize' is empty

i figured out, the reason of this is close screen in screen1 but why mainmenu screen is closing when its requested on screen1 ?

Yes, Screen1 is 'King of the Screens' - you don't need to close it.

Well, you have an initialization Block with nothing to initialize, other than that I can't say because I can't see your code on either screen.

Before leaving Screen1, if there are any clock-timers running, they must be stopped.

oh okay. i think that was the problem

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