Change marker ImageAsset

How I can change Marker ImageAsset in my map?
I'm searching TAGS about this but I can't find how to change


Welcome Manuel.

You are using a Runtime Marker. Make your life easier by using a Design time Marker instead (don't use the Map.CreateMarker Block) unless your really need Runtime Markers.

Here is how to manage the Custom Markers when using Runtime Markers

Does this advice help?

..what is TAGS? Map components is the documentation.

Hi Steve, thanks.
Yes, I need to use Runtime Markers, because it will be always increase o decrees the markers in real time. it will not be permanent the markers.
In the link, I see if you put the marker instead, you can set imagen in Designer Windows

, but in mi case, my markers are "random" their locations.

These blocks should show you how:


Each time you touch the map, a new marker is created, added to a list, then the image asset is set to the last item in the list (the one you just created)


Have you tried @Manuel_Eduardo_Cambe

and you can use Blocks or the Designer to set the ImageAsset.

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i have a doubt.... when you put boat.png or car.png
¿where are they?.... Where do I take those images from? the images wherever you want ... in Media is a good place. You have to provide the image.carcar

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Thanks, I can do it but only on extension SVG, not JPG or PNG, and my image it's so big!... how can I make it small like icon???

These are questions about how to make and modify images. There are forums about image manipulation programs that can guide you.

  • you can convert the svg to a png or a jpg. is an online converter.

  • You can use the image manipulation program on your computer to reduce the size of a png or jpg image. Try Paint or Paint 3D or GIMP or Photoshop or ....

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Also, a bad habit of mine, you do not need the // to fetch a file from the assets just the filename. :upside_down_face:

I really appreciate your answer and time for my question, problem solved!!

yes.... without // work it. thanks.

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