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i want to make an app about stories and tales . is there a better way to change the text of the title without repeating the block each time. if i put a hundred stories in the app i will have to repeat the blocks a hundred times

Maybe something like this:


Don't keep your story data in blocks, or you will be back here in a month asking why your app clogs the Blocks Editor.

Load your stories from files in the Media folder at run time.

Keep an index file with the readable story titles and the file names to match.


Where is the problem with my simple blocks?

thanks but this sounds like chinese for me right now, i will have to learn all this later.
thanks anyway

i tried it but i must have missed something, this is what i get when i try it on companion


whay should i exactly put in these sections please?

As I've shown in my blocks:

How many screens do you use?

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two screens. one for the titles and one for the stories.

Play around with it: story.aia (4.0 KB)

Blocks - Screen1

Blocks - Screen2

I still don't understand exactly what you're up to.

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Thanks, this is way too much advanced and complicated than what i want to do. but it still so interessting .
Any ways, here is a smaller version of what i want to doRIEN.aia (4.8 KB)
is there any way to do the same thing with less blocks, for instance if i put 100 story in my app should i repeat everytime the same blocks for each button and label in both screens?

Here is some reading for you.

How many blocks did it take for me to journey from the Big Bang to MIT?


Here is an example how you can do it without creating any Button or Label manually:


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that's freeking awsome, i've never thought we can do this, i am gonna need some time to see all this in details before i can try it. Thanks a lot.



can you please send me the .aia file so i can open it on MIT.

Here you go: RIEN_byAnke.aia (46.6 KB)


I'am so grateful for what you did. i need some time to understand how it works. thankyou very much.

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You have only to add the titles (on Screen1 und 2) and the title numbers:

and the story texts here:

That's all.



The global var listTitleNumber is of course superfluous. (I removed it in my aia.)


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