Change in files


If i change the content of the files is it necessary to run the main server again each time i update any file?
Is there any way to do this without running the commands again?

Which files?

I’ve got the copy of the appinventor-sources on my machine.
and I’m running it locally. so i wanted to know if i want to make changes in any of the file of my copy then do i need to run the main server everytime i make any change.

I meant specifically which file(s)
(working on a issue)

I’m not sure about that particular file.

Someone with more knowledge will need to weigh in on this.

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If this is the only way can we import this sources into android studio or eclipse?

Yes, different but i’m just asking
I just want to make compilation or process faster.

To make building faster create .cmd files for each task, Although it does not affect build speed it just helps get rid of entering same command again and again.

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You can use SuperDevMode (thanks @pavi2410). See the details at the end of will instructions about how to run the ant devmode task alongside your development server so that you can have GWT recompile any client-side changes.


I just want to follow up as well that if you’re using Vagrant, try setting up your machine to have the right build environment, as building directly on your hardware is faster than running it through the Vagrant VM. On the machine I use in the office, I can build App Inventor from scratch to complete system in about 2.5 minutes, but in the VM it will still take 10 or more minutes.

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Thank you sir for the help!

No,I’m not running it through the vagrant VM. I’ve set it up on my machine.
This is working fine. I’ve asked the other faster way to compile because we’ve to run the sources every time we make any changes. I’ve tried using SuperDevMode as you said.This is amazing!!

Again thank you.