Change image button

how can I make the image change to a button every 5 seconds if continuously pressed?

Hello Pierpaolo

When the button is pressed, make it activate a clock timer block which swaps the button image.

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ok I can start the cycle in time when I press the button but how can I make it stop releasing the button?

Use the button touch down and touch up events

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done but it doesn’t work. why?

What events have you put in the touch up block ?

I have inserted only one block to set the variable to true on touch start, and 1 block set the variable false on touch end.

sorry, it works I tried to make a new project and copied the blocks.

If you are starting the clock with the touch down, then stop the clock with touch up (reset or store position of clock/counter as required)

that’s what I did … it didn’t work but, I solved it by starting a new project and doing the same thing, probably I changed some settings without knowing it, however it works now!

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