Change designer cell phone ? Its smaller than mine

In the designer edit screen in mit app iiventor , the cell phone is smaller than mine. It has fewer rows and columns. The result is that I can not put enough objects that my cell phone would play. Can I change it?

Turn on scrolling, or use tablet view.

And how can i Turn on scrolling ? (On the cell phone in the designer edit or on my moblile?)
The default resulotion on the cell phone in the designer mode is 505,320 in Tablet mode is 675,480
can i change these?

The designer view is not an accurate representation of how your app will look on a real device (there are so many, all with different screen sizes, resolutions and densities.

Use the larger display sizes (tablet/monitor) to give yourself a larger workspace, but you should always test on a real device (companion and compiled) to ensure that you have your component sizings correct.

You set scrolling in Screen1 properties in the designer

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thank you thank you thank you

Hello Philip

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