Change color of Text for some Labels

Hi everyone!
I only have to change the color of the "Labels" where 0 (zero) is present; with this method it works:

But the "Labels" are enough, I tried to add them to a "List" and use this:

But it doesn't work, or rather it works if I remove "If / Then / Else" but it changes the color of all the "Labels".
Many thanks in advance.

The expression "if labels = 0" is always "false"; you compare a label component with a value. Perhaps it would be better to compare "if labels = label1" or sth. like that. I guess all labels in your app get black color. (you should compare a component with another component - not potatoes with tomatoes. Non è facile da capire los bloccos e i loro significati in italiano :frowning: )

Do it like this:



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Thank You Timai2!
It works perfectly!!! :slight_smile:

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