Change background colours based upon user's input (and export PDF)

I need to change background colours based on user's input(0.07 - 0.09). If i done this block arrangement for 1 text box it gives result, but if done this for multiple text box endsup with error.

why the arguments cannot accept.. Could anyone explain what should i change?

Try like this:

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Is this correct?

i'm getting error

See my example. You need to make a list of your textbox components NOT textbox.text properties

Yeah i didint notice that .....thankyou, for this solution.

How to leave space between two text boxes in table gets merged...i tried out many times by changing height and width

Try stacking Horizontal Arrangements inside a Vertical Arrangement instead.

I changed....but still there is no space between text boxes

Put an empty Label between the text boxes?

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Table layout is hard to use.
It's better to use horizontal arrangement (contains buttons and textboxes ).

You just need to set up one row in the designer, then select the horizontal arrangment, and CTRL+C, CTRL+V, you will get many rows.


Got it :+1:

i need to visible a horizontal alignment only while sharing pdf ...

if i do like this it overlaps. how to solve this and could explain me whats the mistake?

Are you still using the table? Is the text covering in the app or in the pdf file?

Pdf file

Is this text in table layout?

Is the horizontalArrangement6 inside the vertical scrolling arrangement ?


No, it's in vertical scroll arrangement

I believe we will need the aia project file to see what is going on. No point any of us just guessing.....

sample.aia (13.6 KB)
after pdf generation you can see that overlapping texts error.