Change API version from aab file


I would like to publish my application on the Google Play Store. For this, I created a developper account, and paid 5O$ to Google.
Now it seems that to publish applications on the Play Store, I must create an AAB file (this can be done with app inventor) but apparently, the required API version of my application is not correct and must be augmented by 1.
Can you please tell me what are the better free tools to use to change the API version in the AAB file ? Can you tell me what are the steps to follow for this modification, so I can obtain an AAB file ready to be published on the Play Store ?

Thank you for your help.

This discussion is old around here. The MIT AI2 App Inventor team is working on upgrading API 30 to API 31. For now, do the following and be happy:

1 - Download your.aia project to your computer.

2 - Open the test version:
3 - Generate the AAB and go up there on Google Play.

Ready. Your problems have been solved and just wait for the approval of your application. I've done it 8 times with this test version and with total success.

I hope you come back here to say thank you. The community helps each other all the time and your feedback will help others.

Don't be in a hurry and be happy


It’s only $25. Either you got scammed or you’re lying for some reason.

Yes, I suppose it was 25$. I may have been confused, not lying. Why are you so aggressive ?


Thank you for your help. I went to the test version and tried uploading the AIA file. I generated the new APK file to install and test the application on my phone. Now I get the following error message :

Runtime Error - Targeting version 31 and above requires that one of FLAG_IMMUTABLE or FLAG_MUTABLE be specified when creating a PendingIntent. Strongly consider using FLAG_IMMUTABLE, only use FLAG_MUTABLE if some functionality depends on the PendingIntent being mutable, e.g. if it needs to be used with inline replies or bubbles. Can you help me on that ? Regards.

It's hard to try to help you. I can't guess if error appears in google play or in App Inventor.

1 - Is it message from App Inventor ????

OK. Ensure AIA and APK are working perfectly on the platform (API 30) and upload to the TEST platform. The probability of working normally and generating an error in the TEST platform would be something to report to the APP INVENTOR development team. If it happens, print and socialize around here. No doubt the support team will help you.

2 - If the problem is in the Google Play post, I advise you to restart the process there. Sometimes errors appear that are resolved only with a new application there.

I hope it resolves.

I did not publish the app on Google Store for the moment. The app works perfectly when compiling on standard App Inventor. The problem only occurs when I upload the AIA file to the test platform, generate the APK file (on the test platform) and then re-install the app on my phone (after uninstalling the previous one from my phone).

  1. Did you upload the AAB as an internal test track in the Google Play Developer console? If so, did you then wait for the Pre-launch report (1-2 hours)? If yes, were any problems or bugs found?

  2. List all extensions used.

See also here:

No, I just did the tests specified in my message. Sorry.

Then do that.

If an AAB has already been uploaded in the Play Developer console (see App Bundle explorer), then you must increase the codeVersion by 1.

See also here (and read the entire thread):

There are other free tools and I've even used them. However, at the moment, this Google Play requirement of API 31, has reduced the offer to just this test version of App Inventor.

Note the following: You need to correctly generate the APK, make sure your project works fully, export the AIA from the standard platform to your computer. Open the TEST version of App Inventor and IMPORT your AIA.

VERY ATTENTION. The APK needs to work on both (STANDARD AND TEST). It makes no sense to work on PATTERN and generate an error on the TEST platform. There's something Of course, because it's a project that will be released on Google play, public sharing here is meaningless.

I hope someone from Support will help you more effectively, but even they will have difficulty solving in the imaginary field.

Ok sorry, I overlooked that. Then of course it makes no sense to upload the AAB in the Play Developer console.

So list all extensions, as I said before. And post the aia or send it to me via private message.

I only use TaifunClipboard extension in my application.

If have no issue with the APK (built from your aia on the test server) on one of my test devices with Android 12.

But see here:


Btw, you don't seem to use TaifunClipboard extension.

On which device and Android version do you get this error?
And post a screenshot of it.

As I live in France, the time is different between where you live and here.
The device is RealMe 9 Pro +
The Android version is 12.
The error succeed when selecting a SMS destinatary and trying to send the message.
Here is the screenshot :

I've no issues with your APK on one of my test devices (Galaxy Note8, Android 9).

But maybe there are problems on Android 12+

May @ewpatton enlighten us.