Change accent color

I'm adding a dark mode to my app. The accent color is an orange color which doesn't at all match the dark theme. So when dark mode on, set accent color to a darker color.

I hope you understand!

It is not possible to do that, because the designer directly writes the accent color to the apps' manifest (AndroidManifest.xml). Changing that is programmatically impossible.

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"So when dark mode on, set accent color to a darker color."

The "darker color" of what?

Say a dark blue colour :large_blue_circle:

I'm sorry if I'm not descriptive and am acting vague in my replies.

But my objective is to change the accent color via a block, like when button pressed

And again: Of what (component)?

  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • ...


... and for the last time:
Of what? What color should be changed?

Why do you need to modify the accent color? Because the scrollbar color? Or the color of the cursor of a textbox?

@Anke, If the accent color is orange, when dark mode set accent color to blue.

Yes texbox and the checkbox checked color completely mismatches the dark gradient of the app, when the accent color is a orange color

Just these? So far, you can change the color of the CheckBox with this extension.

Note: you are not the first one that asked me to change cursor color. I find snippets that use the deprecated support library classes. I am still finding a solution to change that.


Yes, and I already mentioned this.
So next time, please describe the problem precisely at the beginning so that you don't have to ask multiple times.


:hushed: I saw your textbox util #extensions, but guess I missed this.
Thanks very much!

I think you can use Compcreator extension to do that.

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I don’t think so, because I think Screen is not an AndroidViewComponent, and therefore cannot be cast to it. Also writing to the manifest doesn’t work programmatically.


Hey can you give the extension link? A search from the extension directory or here brings up many dynamic component extensions but I don't know which one you are talking about.

If you search CompCreator, you will find:

To change the background color of existing component, it's no need to use this extension.
What you need is the native Any Component block.


Thanks @Gordon_Lu, guess I'll have to use many extensions instead :slight_smile:

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