Cesuring words to *

How can I create a list were bad words will be changed in *** (not in the textbox but after ex. in a label) and store them in tinydb? And is it easier to add words to be censured from the MIT or from the app?
I can already make a list with tinydb but I can’t find out how to filter bad words.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SheriffArthur,

You may want to take a look at the new replace all mappings block. It takes a dictionary mapping original strings to replacement strings, and given an input string will replace all occurrences of the originals with their replacements. Starting from your bad word list, you would just need to create a dictionary where each key is a bad word that maps to a replacement (either a sequence of * characters or something else at your discretion).

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Hi @ewpatton

Thank you, I will take a look and try this method with my app.

Here is a link to this board’s banned word list …

(For non-super users):

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