Center Notifier title/button

Hi to all,

I read several posts while searching for a solution to my problem, but no one seem to talk about it.
I need to place the notifier choose-dialog title at the center of the title bar, while it is placed by default on the left.
Same issue whit the notifier massage-dialog : not only for the title, but also the only button is placed by default on the left while I wish it to be placed at center.

So, can I align the message titles at center? What about centering that button?


Hello Friariello

The short answer is - no you can't. You might find an extension that offers more options:

Or you can DIY exactly what you want as a Screen or Virtual Screen - why not try that?

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Thanks for your reply.
I am not sure I understand what you mean with Virtual Screen.
Also, it wish I should not move among screens just to show a message.
Last but not the least, I am confused abut what extension I should use to center the notification title.
Hope you could clarify, please.

Helo Friariello

Search this forum to get an understanding of Virtual Screens. They are simply full-screen Arrangements that can be displayed/undisplayed as required. For larger Apps, they are often first choice, instead of multiple screens.

The extension would replace the App Inventor Notifier with it's own. Try the Colin Tree one.

You can use a custom dialog extension, you just need to design the view/layout according to your needs.

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@ChrisWard Maybe my website can do it...

In addition to the virtual screen, set the VerticalArrangement's width to Fill Parent, then set the AlignHorizontal to center.

The best method without extension is to add a new real screen, like Screen2. When my IT teacher taught me App Inventor, they use real screens instead of dialogs.

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You could use a rudimentary notifier, and then use the Text Align: Center property to center the text.

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Nice website Gordon :sunglasses: