Carb Counter & Calculator for Diabetes

My son is 4 and has diabetes. I am trying to create an app that will:

  1. Look up common foods and their carb factor per gram.
  2. Have an input for the amount of grams.
  3. Calculate the carbs for a given weight of food.
  4. Do the opposite.
  5. Allow you to add more foods as I go.

I already mocked up the app using formulas in Google Sheets (vlookup). The inputs are green and the output is red. Carb Factor - Google Sheets

Any help is appreciated.

This Fruit Stand app has a similar data structure, with dollars instead of carbs ...

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Try this, covers the basics as requested....

Carbs.aia (20.0 KB)

Credits @Kevinkun for his listUtils extension

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Thanks for your help. This is amazing and saved me a couple weeks. My wife and I are already using it.

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