Canvas text help pls

hi i have problem i wonna have a text on vanvas but it need to move and be a variableto hceange it always

The canvas component has a block for writing text.

i know but it inposible to edit

Just clear it and re-write it

but in canvas i have kind of split image and it must stay

You can use images in the background of Arrangements, and position Labels with Text anywhere in the Arrangement, using transparent padding Labels.

You can capture an image of a Canvas and use it as the background of the Arrangement.

Combining all these and some slight of hand, showing only the Canvas or the Arrangement, you might be able to make it work.

You can erase just the text by drawing a fat line over it, using the background color of the Canvas. Then draw your new text at your new location.

ok but a spit image is a layer up or down

There is no other way than listed here. Treat the canvas like Paint in Windows. It is not a text editor.

thanks so much

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