"canvas save as" doesn't save

for some time “canvas save as” is perfect on the AI companion but when I create the APK the file or the folder is not saved.
I’ve tried with:
-evaluate but ignore result > call save canvas as > picture.jpg
-call tinyDB storeValue call > call save canvas as > picture.jpg
-set global variable > call save canvas as > picture.jpg

Nothing, with AI Companion is perfect but APK nothing.
Can you help me
I have a huawei P smart 2019 and a Samsung galaxy A51

Try requesting a write permission for the sdcard


The request block is in the Screen palette. Do this on Screen1. Initialise

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sorry I have not understood, I have try to write
in the action of an activitystarter and then in screen1.initialize I’ve called ActivityStarter.StartActivity but nothing.

I’ve also wrote android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
in the block Screen1.permissionDenied but nothing.

Which is the right way?

Thamks a lot.

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ok! thank you!

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