Canvas prevX,prevY, current X, current Y option issue

I want to change thumbposition option to control the slider in canvas and also want to chage the prevX,prevY etc option to control the paints in canvas...

This is all you need to draw at this point ...
You can drag it directly into your Blocks Editor.

Be careful not to use too large a number for your slider limit, or you line will be very fat.

Then what's about the thumbposition option of slider block?

Also see here for drawing "smooth" lines (thanks @ Italo)

Yes,i need it...but i can't drag the option from the prevX,prevY in Mobile.... that's why i need help

Then drag an empty variable get block from the palette and set it in the drawline block, then select prevX

I wonder if you are confusing the thumbposition option of the slider component with the (x,y) position of your thumb when you drag it across the Canvas?

They are two different components that work differently.

It's the only interpretation I can imagine for what you are asking.

In the Designer, set your Slider Properties like this (for a range of 1-20)


then set the slider, linewidth and labels up in your blocks like this:

blocks (15)

blocks (16)

That should be it...

Because you can't hover on mobile, you have to drag the get variable block from the Variables category and plug it into where you want to use the variable. Then, when you open the dropdown on the block it will give you the local variable names.

We're working on coming up with an alternative interaction model to allow people developing on touch screens to interact with the flydowns in a manner similar to mouse controls:

Oh, he's developing on a touchscreen.
I missed that.

I know sir, but the problem is i can't get the option "get thumbposition" from the thumbposition menu of slider in blocks which is available in pink colour of the block by using my mobile...i think i could be helpful if i am using system

Do as suggested by me and Evan above, and drag out a variable get block from the palette. Put it in place, then you can select thumbposition.

Have you tried Typeblocking to get blocks?

No, i haven't tried yet. But where is the option available?

On a touchscreen typeblocking will have similar problems if the soft keyboard isn't already up. It might work better if you have a physical keyboard.

Yes, this is I have tried earlier,but same problem persist. I can't type anything in the i can use physical keyboard through mobile?

How about a bluetooth portable keyboard?
I once had a Motorola model that worked for both Windows and Android.

Hello, I have a big problem with the canvas tool, i put the same exact code as all the people in the youtube videos i watched did, but what is still happing is the drawing part works when im draging verticly but just doest register when i drag up and down. Why is this happening?

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)